Un déferlement d’impressions et tests sur Tabula Rasa !

Depuis la sortie de Tabula Rasa, il y a près de 3 semaines, plusieurs sites nous ont offert leurs tests, observations et impressions sur Tabula Rasa.

Les critiques nous semblent en général positives bien qu'il reste quelques points à corriger ou améliorer dans le jeu, ce à quoi l'équipe de développeurs travaille. Nous vous invitons à aller en faire la lecture vous-même pour vous en faire votre propre idée.

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Tabula Rasa - An Ongoing Raw Review sur MMORPG (Impressions sur 7 jours)
Note : 86 sur 100

Normally I don't even mention sound but I just have to on this occassion.Its the best sound I have heard in an MMO. This is sound on the immersion level.

What can I say? TR is the definition of combat and I feel that the designers put all their hard work into ensuring this core component of the game is exceptional and they are not too far off.

Tabula Rasa has 'in my view' the potential to really be a massive success and although not challenging some of the giants such as WoW (sorry for using that word in this blog) it will definitely capture a mass audience that will remain for a considerable amount of time.

Tabula Rasa - Out of the Box sur GameSpy
Note : Prometteur

This isn't your typical MMO. Tabula Rasa's refreshing sci-fi setting and unique, visceral action combat often feels like DOOM or Starship Troopers.

The real heart of Tabula Rasa is its fast-action combat, and the implementation shines. Tabula Rasa successfully makes battles feel more dynamic.

Tabula Rasa Pile-on sur GameSpy (Les avis de 4 des éditeurs de GameSpy)

It sounds like we're mostly in agreement about the major points: fun world design, absolutely awesome combat, convenient character cloning system.

Tabula Rasa review sur GameSpy (Le test final)
Note : 4 sur 5

For a brief instant, one of the few I've ever experienced in an MMO, I was really in the moment, sucked into an alternate reality in a way usually only possible in first-person shooters. Welcome to Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa and while it's not without its problems, adrenaline junkies finally have their MMO.

Despite the problems, Tabula Rasa is off to a great start and its future potential is very promising.

Tabula Rasa Review sur UGO

A great launch, open and constant action as well as compelling story, Tabula Rasa lives up to the hype as the next sci-fi MMO.

Game Review: Tabula Rasa, the First Four Hours sur ARS Technica

Is this a revolution? I don't think so. But the devs have tweaked enough of the MMO formula to make the game feel like their own beast, and I had a fabulous time in my first foray.

A Fresh Start. A Clean Slate sur MMORPG.

First and foremost, I have to say that this game is fun. Point is, if you are a fan of the sci-fi genre, and a fan of MMORPGs, you need to check out Tabula Rasa.

Tabula Rasa Review sur GameZone
Note : 8.6 sur 10

Tabula Rasa provides an entertaining action shooter experience that does bring some very good ideas to the fore. There is innovation here and entertainment.

Wiping the MMO Slate Clean sur Games Radar
Note : 8 sur 10

There's so much more to say about this game - the action-packed group-centric instances, the beautiful alien art design, the LotRO-aped title system - but it all leads to a rather simple outcome. If you're at all a fan of MMORPGs, you owe it to yourself to give Tabula Rasa a chance.

Tabula Rasa sur Untagged Rogue

But I sucked it up, bought the (shiny, gorgeous) collector's edition, and... haven't been able to put it down. Let me make no bones about it - all marketing spin aside, it's an MMO. Quests, stats, skills, titles, instances - nothing has leapt out at me so far as being completely revolutionary. But there are a couple of things that make it worth a try, in my opinion:

Tabula Rasa - Better Than World of Warcraft (PC) sur GameDaily

"Tabula Rasa breaks the fantasy MMORPG mold and delivers a game that trumps your level 70 Night Elf."

"Tabula Rasa does a great job of mixing the best elements of a shooter and an RPG."

'Tabula Rasa' Review (PC) par Killer Betties
Note : 4 sur 5

I quickly fell in love with the story and gameplay, as I've been playing the game non-stop when I have the chance, and I haven't touched World of Warcraft or Lord of the Rings Online since getting Tabula Rasa. Tabula Rasa is a great game and one every MMO fan owes it to themselves to try.

Tabula Rasa Review sur Eurogamer
Note : 8 of 10

Massively multiplayer games are all evolving things, and we're very, very keen to watch Tabula Rasa's evolution. The initial launch is incredibly promising, more than anything else. Right now, it's imperfect - but it's great fun to play, and we don't regret investing dozens of hours into the game - which is fairly high praise, given how many great games are sitting half-played on top of our various consoles.

Deux de nos confrères francophones nous ont également donné leurs test et impressions :

Tabula Rasoir sur Gameblog.fr

Le feeling est plutôt bon et l'ambiance guerrière définitivement là : les NPC crient, partent au front, les ennemis extra-terrestres (l'Engeance) débarquent par vaisseaux au lieu de simple repop débile...

Loin d'offrir le feeling d'un vrai FPS ou même de ce bon vieux PlanetSide, Tabula Rasa offre pourtant des bases intéressantes mais loin d'être encore très convaincantes.

Point positifs tout de même : la version française est bonne (c'est assez rare pour être noté) et les musiques sont travaillées et agréables.

Test Tabula Rasa sur Jeuxvideo.com
Note : 16 sur 20

Si la note générale n'était qu'une moyenne arithmétique de tous les critères, elle serait forcément plus basse, la faute à l'enveloppe extérieure pas franchement emballante. Les développeurs ont privilégié le fond à la forme et ça se sent. Mieux vaut cela que l'inverse, car le coeur du jeu est lui réussi et c'est bien là que se situe tout son intérêt. Alors si ce constat ne vous effraie pas, enfilez votre armure et venez rejoindre les rangs de l'AFS, l'humanité a besoin de vous !

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